Noblemen of South Fulton Youth Mentoring Program

This young male mentorship program features discussions and interactions with professional individuals geared towards the growth and development of participants in the South Fulton area of Georgia in five specific areas of interest.  This mentorship program works in conjunction with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.
  • Character Development
  • Health and Wellness
  • Dress Etiquette
  • Interaction with Authority
  • Financial Responsibility

The Noblemen may meet biweekly/monthly/quarterly at a designated location.  The meetings will involve workshops and speaker forums.  Additionally, educational field trips will occur on a quarterly basis.


The membership fee is $100 per year per participant.  This fee includes all Noble attire, workshops, field trips, and miscellaneous costs.  This membership fee is a “cost match” sponsorship.  The participant is responsible for $50 and the other $50 will be derived from donors and fund raising initiative.
Dress Attire

The Noblemen will be required to wear attire as designated by staff members.  Noblemen attire will consist of the following. 

·         Noblemen T-shirts

·         “Noble Dress Attire” consists of black dress shirt and tie (both of which will be provided with membership), black dress pants, and black dress shoes.

Fundraising Initiatives

The Noblemen will be involved in a variety of fund raising initiatives to allow for funding of workshops, field trips, and miscellaneous costs.  Fund raising may consist of the following:

  • Candy Sales
  • Popcorn Sales
  • Pledge Cards

The Noblemen in "Action" Photo Gallery